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Meneses research is a leading market research firm specializing in the Hispanic/Latin market. Research covers both the U.S. Hispanic market and the international Latin American market.

We work with clients of all sizes to gather valuable information that enables them to better connect with their market, communicate better, and sell more of their product or service.

The U.S. Hispanic market is dynamic and expanding so effectively addressing it can make a substantial contribution to your bottom line.

Please review the different pages of our site and contact us at 619-200-7124 with any questions or a confidential research needs evaluation. We look forward to serving you.

Press Releases

Press Release: September 23, 2013
Contact: Walter E. Meneses Tel: 619-200-7124

New Study “Ask San Diego” 2014 Will Be Released on December 10, 2013,
“TV Viewing Language Preference – Texting, Social Media, Internet Usage Among Hispanics”
You Still Have An Opportunity to Include a Study Question if You Act Now.

San Diego, Meneses Research & Associates (MR&A) is developing the questionnaire for the next study among Hispanics over age 18, living in San Diego County. The study will up date demographic data, purchase intent of some products and services, media usage and preference: TV, Radio, Print, Internet and Social Media. Language preference to watch commercials in TV; Perceptions on a Single Language Media (TV) Consumption and Perceptions of Advertising/Promotion Via Cell Phone, type of services used for texting, expenditure per month for texting service, provider name, customer service and loyalty issues, texting while driving and more… All this information will be cross tabulated by age group and language of preference (Spanish/English). Custom cross tabulations will be available by request.

MR&A will begin conducting interviews for the next study: “Ask San Diego” Profile and Media Preference of the Hispanic Consumer 2014 in the next few weeks. A sample of 700 randomly selected, self- identified Hispanic/Latinos from San Diego County, covering North, Central, East and South San Diego, will be interviewed person to person.

You still have the opportunity to include proprietary questions in our questionnaire preserving the results of those questions for the exclusive use of your company. Each question costs $995 and responses will not be published in the general report. The cost of the report is $495 and includes 2 tickets for the Lunch Seminar Result Presentation at Andres Restaurant, 1235 Morena Blvd., San Diego, 92110. Registration 10:30 am. There is a discount of $100 with your report order dated before September 30, 2013; or a discount of $50 with your report order dated before October 31, 2013. The cost for the seminar is $50 per person pre-registered or $100 per person at the door, space permitting.

About Meneses Research & Associates (MR&A). MR&A has been providing marketing research since 1995. Please visit for additional information.

Current Article:

Survey Design and Methodology for U.S. Hispanic Research

January 28, 2008

Media in San Diego DOESN'T get its FAIR SHARE of Advertising Dollars to Reach Hispanic/Latinos in Southern CA. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? New Report “Ask Hispanics” San Diego, Media Preference, Consumer Profile 2008

By Walter Eduardo Meneses, President of Meneses Research & Associates

San Diego. (January 22, 2008) A national advertiser calls his ad agency in Chicago to prepare an advertising and promotional campaign for their products designed to reach Hispanic/Latinos nationwide. The advertiser wants to reach the top six Hispanic/Latino markets. The advertising agency through its media buyer pulls up the Census information and selects the top 6 markets based on population of Hispanic/Latinos. Surprisingly, the San Diego market does not make the list of the top 6 markets for this group. According to current projections of the U.S. Census (2007), the San Diego market ranks 11 th among all Hispanic/Latino markets in the U.S. All media in San Diego, including TV, Radio, Print, and other Promotional companies will not get a dollar from this client. Never the less, the San Diego Region has a market of over 2 million Hispanic/Latino consumers (San Diego has close to 1 million and over 1 million from Tijuana**). Why include Latinos from Tijuana in the San Diego market? It's simply due to the fact that this segment spent over four billion dollars in San Diego during 2007. This segment of “Baja California-Latino Shoppers” are exposed to Television, Radio and Print. As an example, 88% *of “Baja California Latino Shoppers” who want to buy a new car will buy in San Diego. 44%* of Hispanic/Latinos living in San Diego have family ties with “Baja California Latino Shoppers.” Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. At least one out of every two “Baja California Latino Shoppers” will be influenced by family members who will “recommend” products and services provided in San Diego. The San Diego region is unique. San Diego has the busiest border entry in the world, with over 165,000 people crossing the border daily. 52% cross from Tijuana to San Diego 5 to 7 times per week*.

Who are the winners? The winners are those advertisers investing their advertising dollars in the San Diego market and enjoying the great spill over to consumers across the border. Who are the losers? The losers are the San Diego media who does not get its fair share of advertising dollars. According to our estimate, if the San Diego region got its fair ranking of 3th among the top Hispanic/Latino markets in the USA, advertising dollars invested would more likely be 32% more across Television, Radio and Print, that would be as much as the Miami market.

Meneses Research & Associates will conduct a research study among 1000 Hispanic/Latinos during March-April in the San Diego Region. There is still time to have your question included in this survey. Just send us your questions BEFORE February 18, 2008. Results of the study will be presented on May 14, 2008 at the University of San Diego, Manchester Conference Center. For additional information please click here.

*(“Ask Tijuana” 2002 study published by Meneses Research & Associates)

** Tijuana region has over 3 million people, it is estimated one third are able to cross the border on a regular basis into San Diego for work, shopping or entertainment.”Ask Tijuana” 2002


Size of the Market
The Hispanic market spent about ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in 2010. Do you know the percentage of your Hispanic client base? Rule of thumb, if it is about 20%, congratulations! If it is not, your opportunity is huge and growing! The Hispanic market is the largest growing population segment in the U.S. In all categories, the Hispanic Market is just too big to ignore, from consumer products to luxury cars. Soon you will no longer hear statements such as: “If we have room in the budget, we will advertise in Spanish language media” or “just translate the commercials into Spanish”.

There is an important component among the Hispanic consumer that is different than the non-Hispanic consumer, and that is to understand their culture. The culture has several variables such as language, music, religion, food, and family values to name a few... The challenge for marketers is how to EFFECTIVELY communicate with the Hispanic market. This is a very dynamic market. Simply advertising in Spanish is only part of the solution; advertisers must also understand and appeal to the Hispanic culture. Many advertisers are using English language TV programs to advertise in “Spanglish” (sentences in English and Spanish combined). The majority of Hispanics, approximately 77% speak Spanish very well while 51% of Hispanics speak English very well. The reason I wrote this book is to provide the marketer with reliable market intelligence. For over 30 years, I have been studying, conversing with and interviewing Hispanic consumers through 3 generations of the U.S. Census and I have seen the growth trends. The U.S. has the second largest group of Spanish speaking consumers in the world just behind Mexico. If the U.S. Hispanic market were a country, based on population, it would be bigger than Colombia, Spain, or Argentina. In reference to income per capita, the U.S. has the highest Hispanic income compared to any other Spanish speaking country.

Growth of the Market
Hispanic market growth has exploded for two main reasons: immigration and the birth rate. 38% of Hispanics came to the U.S. within the last 10 years: 2000 to 2010. One of every four new born children in the U.S. is born into a Hispanic family. In 2011, more than half of the 50 million U.S. Hispanics were born in the U.S. to parents who were either legally or illegally in the country. It is projected that by the year 2040 the U.S. Hispanic population will reach 100 million.

Younger Market
The average age of the Hispanic population is 27 years old vs. 37 years old among the non-Hispanic population. The Hispanic youth, under the age of 24, are in the “digital age”. They aggressively approach the Internet. The Hispanic youth play a big role influencing older Hispanics, especially at home with family members. The Hispanic youth influences the selection of new technology at home including Cell phones, DVD’s, TV/Cable connection, computers, Internet connection, iPhones, Smart Phones, and other electronic devices. The Hispanic youth helps parents with brand selection. They help to set up electronic devices at home. They encourage parents to join Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media. They help to upload pictures to share with family members. They help connect the family to YouTube to be able to see videos featuring “Los Panchos”, “Javier Solis”, “Julio Iglesias”, “Rocio Durcal” so that older family members can listen to the type of music they enjoy the most. The Hispanic youth assists the family to set up emails to communicate with family members and friends all over the world.

Growth Projection of the Hispanic Market
The Hispanic market is growing faster than any other demographic segment in the United States. The following is the projection made by Meneses Research & Associates:
2020 64.1 millions
2030 80.2 millions
2040 97.6 millions
2050 127.0 millions

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